Women's fashion writers in a tizz with J. Crew store coming to London

As if in answer to Elle's prayers in September, J. Crew is finally opening a store in London. But it won't be until much later in 2013 that you can get your hands on the range, containing kids, mens and 'preppy' women's fashion.

Guys, you might want to look away, now. Even though you will be catered for with J. Crew devoting enough of the 17,000 square feet to incorporate the entire men's range, this piece is based on an article from Hell Elle. In typical women's fashion stylee, it pontificates about prints, cashmere, shoes and handbags.

Still not sure of the style? Let me help you out by quoting the Elle article lauding the J. Crew label following its autumn fashion show, which highlighted the Spring 2013 collection:
vibrant colour and vintage-inspired print, tossed together with a clever insouciance."

No, I've still not got a feckin' clue, either.

Women's fashion terminology is a different language entirely

Women will probably understand it, so let's leave it at that, eh? Okay.

It's taken a while for the brand to venture past its home shores, Millard "Mickey" Drexler referred to opening a store in our capital as 'an easy decision'. If it was such a no-brainer, you have to question why it's taken so long.

Especially as the women's fashion writers at Elle are getting considerably agitated gussets over the latest 'preppy' look delivered by the range which allegedly is so hot it has a shorter in situ life-span than a Chelsea manager.

You know, wandering (or wondering, take your pick) into the world of women's fashion is sometimes like going on pub crawl. You know its wrong, you keep on doing it anyway and finally you're that feckin' lost your head hurts. Welcome to my world.

J. Crew and Anthropologie going head-to-head in Mayfair

Before you guys get excited, that title's not advertising a Diva tag-team match in the raw on Smackdown covered by a nuddy mag.  I'll explain.

It's seems that Drexler's decision to hang fire may well have been in order to see how American women's fashion brands faired in London. Given that the chosen location for the store on Regent and New Burlington (to give the Mayfair address a welcoming American twang) sees J. Crew going literally toe-to-toe with compatriot export Anthropolgie, the thought process may well be to capitalise on an existing market.

Not that that's how Drexler dressed it up, of course. He referred to London as a place where Brits "understand and respect the integrity of great style and great design." That maybe so, but I'm sure Alexander McQueen would be turning in his grave if anyone referred to one of his collections as 'preppy'.

Guys, do yourself a favour. If your Mayfair lady mentions J. Crew, just hand over your debit card, sit in a quiet bar where you can have a few beers and watch Jeff Stelling and the boys and be there to carry the bags afterwards. It's a darned site easier and a lot less painful on the little grey cells, even if your bank account is gonna take the hit afterwards...