Arsenal in crisis - Arsène attack follows defeat to Bradford

Arsenal FC manager Arsène Wenger looks like a man who has lost his way. No silverware at Highbury/The Emirates stadiums since the 2005 F.A. Cup and defeat to Bradford City on penalties sees Arsenal in crisis.

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The recent lack of form is a huge turnaround since the team known as The Invincibles went 49 games without defeat between October 2003 and October 2004.  Or as recent as last season, even.

Who would have thought that the loss of one player would have such an effect? We're talking of Robin Van Persie's closed season move to Manchester United, of course.

Ironically, United were the team that ended The Invincibles 49-game unbeaten run eight years ago. And we'll not mention the Ryan Giggs wonder-goal in the '99 F.A. Cup semi final for the same team (but here's a reminder, just in case).


The depth and quality of the team back then make the Gunners team that lost to Bradford last night look like they belong in a lower division. And the domestic cup that has eluded Arsène Wenger will remain beyond his grasp in this 2012/2013 season, too.

Will Arsène Wenger get another crack at the League Cup?

With Arsenal in crisis as they are, you have to seriously question whether Arsène Wenger will earn another crack at this elusive cup. No silverware for eight years, scraped qualification into the last 16 of the Champions' League (by a point over Olympiacos) and with a side who looked anything but 'up for the cup' last night, you'd have to say no.

His side that lost the League Cup Final to Birmingham City two years ago could be the closest Arsène Wenger will ever get to laying his hands on that trophy. Especially if the jungle drums on Twitter are anything to go by.  It was been suggested on twitter that the squad has not yet got over losing that Wembley final.

The North Bank is not happy. Questions are being asked of a side that cost £70M compared to Bradford's, which cost £7,500 (allegedly) to put together. Is the bubble about to burst at Arsenal?

Just ask the fans what they think; don't read the glossing over of last night's penalty shoot-out League Cup defeat crafted by Arsène himself or the club's website.

Arsenal in crisis - Arsène Wenger's 'lowest moment'

Goal.com is reporting that the
Bradford defeat [is] the lowest moment of Wenger's fading Arsenal reign.

You can't argue, can you?

Its alright saying the players 'couldn't convert their chances', but in the brutal winter light of the morning after, that's what they're paid to do. And a week's wages for any one of the Arsenal starting eleven could probably pay for ten clubs of Bradford's ilk.

We're not taking anything away from Bradford, although it must feel like it for them. One of their greatest victories in recent history and all anyone can talk of is Arsenal in crisis and the imminent end of tenure as coach for Arsène Wenger.

Much was made of Arsenal's intent before the game, fielding a full strength squad for a competition that the big clubs are only really interested in if the other domestic trophies or European glory look like too much of an uphill struggle.

If Valley Parade was a uphill struggle, facing the winner of one of the Group Stages of the Champions League in the knockout phase will seem like a hike up Snowdon in full metal jacket, by comparison.

Arsenal have almost a week to compose for the short trip across to Reading next Monday evening. Anything but a win for Arsenal could fuel the flames for yet another incendiary Arsène attack.

Have Your Say: Okay, let's play Acronyms. What's the best phrase you can come up with to describe Arsenal in crisis or Arsène Wenger's chances of keeping his job until Christmas from A.F.C. And, yes, you can use 'feck', 'fecked' or 'fecking' for the F word.
And for The Gunners fans: Is Arsenal in crisis, really? And is it time for the board to stop Arsène about and appoint a new manager?

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