Britney Spears doppelganger - from waitress to £300k

Britney Spears

It must be some life, making a living purely because you look like someone else. When that 'one' is Britney Spears, you're on to a good earner. But there's a little more to it than flipping out and shaving your head  in public...

...Michaela Weeks was working as a waitress (in a cocktail bar? maybe) in Derby.  She realised the potential of being Britney Spears' doppelganger when she won a lookalike competition at the second time of asking.  Unbelievably, she never made the cut the year before as a sixteen year old.

Exactly how far simply impersonating as famous a star as Britney Spears would take her she could never have known almost fifteen years ago. But before she was twenty, she'd already bought her own home and the potential was turning into a very handsome reality.

Michaela's a big fan of Britney Spears

Michaela is, of course, a huge fan of the much troubled songstress, whose antics and breakdowns have been well publicised. Think we weren't going to mention those? Ooh, you don't know us very well, then.

It's not just out of pure spite we mention Britney's troubled years, though.  Britney Spears' private life, for which was becoming more renowned than her undeniable talent, had a distinct impact on Michaela's 'career', too.

When Britney Spears' senses took leave for a while, so too did the days when people suffered whiplash from turning to look twice as Michaela walked down the street. The gig posing for the Kaiser Chiefs in their video seemed history and a wave of disgust from the public was having a detrimental effect on the new life Michaela and her fella had started to enjoy.

It got so bad at one point that the couple even sold their sports car and went a whole winter without heating because the lookalike work had dried up. Pity Britney Spears couldn't do so at the same time. But then the Circus album was released and for the four years since the now 26-year doppelganger is very much back in demand. Much to the relief of both Michaela herself and long-term fella, Craig.

Monkey see, Monkey Do. It's nuts!

You wouldn't believe how much it costs - from a physical point of view as well as monetary - to keep up the doppelganger charade and do it well.  This is especially true of someone who goes through as many phases as Britney Spears.

Michaela can spend up to a grand a month on hair extensions, the classic outfits Britney Spears wears in videos and the special brands of make up that give her those smokey, sultry, come-to-bed eyes. And Britney's peepers ain't so bad, either.

Of course, many of the clothes for photo shoots and videos are tailor-made for The Queen of Pop.  As such, Michaela can't simply nip into M & S and pick up a duplicate outfit. If there was an S & M shop handy, some of the outfits Spears has worn might be to hand. Or am I thinking Xtina? Ho-hum, it's a toss up between the two.

Anyway - Michaela's mom makes those special outfits for the in-demand lookalike. Yet even that's not as straight forward as you may think.

If Brit slims down, then so does Michaela. If the "Poison" singer puts on a few extra pounds, Michaela can cut down on the workouts in her specially-made dance studio in their three-bed home and not have to worry about looking a bit chubbier.

True, Michaela had little choice in her looks and may be considered fortuitous in that respect, a fact she readily admits.  But she has had to work to make that coincidence pay dividends and deserves the success for the Weeks that have gone into being Britney.  Sorry, that was poor.  But, if you don't mind me saying so, I think that our Brit Brit's a Brit of alright, too...

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Or can you nominate one of your mates as a 'separated at birth' candidate? You never know, you may be setting them on the path to a six-figure career.