A ban on hand guns is the answer

On Friday afternoon, Sir Richard Branson posted an article on social media sending condolences to all of the families who'd lost loved ones in the Connecticut shooting. Alongside the well wishes was a graphic poster detailing America's pole position in the world shooting league:

Last year, hand guns killed:

  • 48 Japan

  • 8 UK

  • 34 Switzerland

  • 52 Canada

  • 58 Israel

  • 21 Sweden

  • 42 West Germany

  • 10,728 United States

Beneath the shocking figures - irrespective of population size differences - was the picture of of a Colt .45 emblazoned with the stars and stripes.

[caption id="attachment_16860" align="aligncenter" width="646"]american figures for death by guns is shocking It's time for the shooting to stop and hand in all of our guns[/caption]

That some U.S. citizens still try to defend the 'rite' to carry hand guns in the wake of yet another senseless shooting spree is somewhat astonishing.  To quote Georges Clemenceau,
America is the only nation in history which miraculously has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization.”

It seems that the current American regime has no intention of proving "Le Tigre" wrong. And when you have to deal with attitudes like this:
Everyday alot of people are killed due to texting while driving. Maybe we should ban phones. If the teachers were armed this could have been prevented. Banning guns is not the answer. Banning phsyco's maybe. ?"

Using phones to text while driving is banned, you pillock. If the teachers were armed? Why not go the whole hog and give the janitor and the kids guns, too? Fuck it, everybody have one.

Arming more people is NOT the answer; disarming everyone is

Phones are for phoning/texting - guns are for shooting. We all phone people, every day. It's a basic need, to communicate with people over distance.

Phones themselves are not responsible for death, it is the person not paying attention to the road. They could be looking at a book, a naked lady at the side of the road. It is the distraction that turns the car into the killer.

Conversely, the gun is the weapon. And the deadly empowerment carrying such a weapon gives a psychopath.

Without the gun or the attached empowerment, there can be little harm done. We do not need to shoot anyone or anything. At all, ever. It does not satisfy a basic human need.

  • If you want to join a gun club, fine. But leave the gun there.

  • If you're a farmer, that rabbit is not going to turn vicious if you've put your gun away.

  • If you're a ranger, tranquiliser darts are more than adequate.

There is not one single excuse for people, other than those in the military or police force, to carry guns. Please, someone give me one example where it is necessary - I mean absolutely necessary - to use a gun.

And don't say 'to defend yourself from someone else with a gun' - we're talking about banning all guns.

If you're found with a gun - and a license is not good enough to prevent the distribution of firearms, psychiatric test or not - it should carry an automatic jail sentence. Ten years, no argument, you're banged up.

The intent is there when a gun is purchased. Why else buy one?

Like cars or computers, every gun should be registered upon manufacture. Then placed in secure housing. If it is not where it is supposed to be, the police go looking for it.

Guns are not a commodity product. They are a luxury and a sick one at that. While people perpetuate that myth that they're inconvenienced without one, nothing will change. It's time to draw a line, say enough is enough.

Ban all new gun sales; round up all of the guns that are licensed and place them under lock and key, only to be used under supervision at gun clubs/firing ranges.

One amnesty, set time limit.  After that, if you got guns beyond the legal boundaries, you get jailed. Job done.