Kim Wilde singing pissed on the Tube proves all PR is good PR

Ah, Kim Wilde coming home from a 'night on the tiles' on the Tube, all captured on video. Lost none of it, has she?  Mm, whatever it was she had, bless.

To be fair, as a hot-blooded, teenage, male entering adolescence in the early eighties, it's safe to say I developed a little more than a soft spot for the monochrome-clad Kids in America crooner.

It's pleasing to see that three decades after the hit catapulted Marti Wilde's daughter to fame, she's finally living up to the family name. Kim Wilde, pissed on the tube, belting out her hits. All two of 'em. Class.

Kim Wilde has no regrets about drunken Tube performance

Well, quite. Two songs to be remembered by and Kim Wilde can hardly remember the words to either.

No wonder she struggled with a weight loss diet. How many calories have I consumed today? Oh, feck it, "We're the Kids in America - wo-hoh!". She got that bit right, at least.

As the dust settles, it seems Kim Wilde has no regrets about her wobbly shenanigans on the tube. Indeed, over  a very busy twitter, she cannot see what all the fuss has been about:

From The Tube to YouTube

Kim Wilde's brother, Ricky, cannot quite believe how the recorded action has gone viral, either:

The performance has brought Kim Wilde's brother into the limelight, too. Ricky, seen on the video strumming the acoustic guitar, has become a philosopher and an idol to a whole new generation who missed Kim Wilde the first time around:

@BadBoyofOperaKi offered this tweet in praise of the siblings' drunken tube duet:

It's a pity Ricky doesn't consider teaching basic English language classes, too. Nevertheless, he responded thus:

Ricky has even updated his bio to commemorate the impromptu buskeresque performance:
Ricky Wilde (@Wildericky)

Song writer/Producer MD for Kim Wilde band, and part time busker on trains ;-)

You've got to admire the way the pair have dealt with their Wilde tube-ride home. No tantrums, plenty of re-tweeting back to those who've responded to their own twitter reactions following the uploading of the YouTube video and all in the Christmas spirit.

Yes, Ricky and Kim Wilde have demonstrated aplomb and dignity. Totally in contrast to the drunken escapade at the heart of the viral YouTube video, you have to say.

If more of today's stars, wrapped up in cotton wool and the elevation of their own self-importance, demonstrated their human side like this, the world of entertainment would be a much more accessible beast.

And it would make our job a whole lot easier, it has to be said.

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  • Has Kim Wilde gone up your estimation as a result of the drunken YouTube video?

  • Or is she just a sad has-been living off the back of a couple memorable tracks, like so many 80's artistes?