Gangnam Style as performed by British troops in Afghanistan

Whether you agree with our boys being out in Afghanistan or not, you can't argue with their spirit. Especially when they produce a Gangnam Style video to make loved ones heave a Psy of relief over Christmas.

[youtube width="646" height="422"]http://youtu.be/KDS0wRQopkc[/youtube]

Back in October, U.S. troops and civilians got together to make a mock up video of Gangnam Style. Now it's the turn of British troops based in Camp Bastion to have a crack.

Whereas the tribute to the global sensation from U.S. soldiers was a simple note home to loved ones, the British troops in this latest version are raising money for charity.

Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team is in dire need of funds. By putting together a Gangnam Style video a la Afghanistan, it is hoped that people will contribute to the cause just to make the troops stop.

U.S. troops Gangnam Style had style

Not that one would ever criticise our troops in any way, especially in the face of the rivalry shared with their U.S. counterparts. But the dancing by the Americans is streets ahead.

Whereas there are definite elements of Psy/M.C. Hammer in the American video on YouTube, The British troops' video on the BBC is more like Morecambe and Wise.

But you can't fault them for having a go. The heat must have been unbearable. The rain scene (a dodgy hosepipe slightly off-shot. Well, nearly) must have been a relief for the dubious British troupe.

There were some exceptionally white chests in the British troops' version of Gangnam Style. Considering the desert heat, that must have taken some doing.

Sprinkle the odd Freddie Mercury vest and moustache in there and it's safe to say J.L.S. have nothing to fear. Nor Psy, for that matter.

Often, when you get invited to watch 'more like this', I normally take a punt. Even if I don't know the artist.

At the end of this version of Gangnam Style on the BBC, it prompted me to follow up with the HMS Ocean's Mariah Carey tribute from last year.

For charity it might be. For sanity, I'll pass, guys, thanks.