British Airways entertainment upgrades here for the long haul

Is it just me or has every male that's ever boarded a British Airways flight fantasised about joining the Mile High Club with one of their sultry Air Stewardesses (or 'flight attendants', to give cabin crew their more PC name)?

Well British Airways is slipping metaphorical bromide into our tea by extending inflight entertainment to dash our fading hopes of partaking in nookie 34,000 feet above the Atlantic. Bugger!

With a whole host of additions to its inflight entertainment programme, for the long haul and the holiday season, British Airways is doing what it can to keep us in our seats for the duration.

British Airways' Boeings unaffected by inflight entertainment

And BA's not hanging about, either. As of yesterday (1st December), passengers on BA flights will be entertained before their 747, 767 and soon 777s even taxi to the runway. Following categoric proof presented to the CAA that entertainment on the seat-back screens has no effect on a plane's functionality, British Airways has been given the extended entertainment green light.

And you know when you get that muffled message from the captain about commencing descent, cabin crew to seats, blinds up, lights and seatbelts on and entertainment off? And it's always ten minutes before you find out who shot Roger Rabbit?

Well you can now leave your inflight entertainment on for the duration. And, sadly, realise that Jessica Rabbit is not a widow and won't be available as single to add to your 'most-wanted' list.

If that's not impressive enough, the actual range of inflight entertainment on British Airways flights has been upgraded as well as extended.  You can even check out BA entertainment listings online before you leave for the airport.

AVOD, provided by High Life Entertainment (wonder if they have a Mile High membership?) gives you the choice of over 50 CDs and audio books as well as a combination of over 100 television programmes and films. Bet your bottom dollar Emanuelle, featuring Silvia Kristel's infamous sex on a plane scene, isn't amongst that list!

And especially for Christmas flights, British Airways has launched an innovative 'Advent Calendar' for its passengers. Prizes include discounts at Hilton Hotels, Florida bookings and a nifty off five-night flight and accommodation excursions to Europe.

Allegedly, a spokesman for British Airways said:
The advent calendar is a Christmas treat, a great idea. We'll do it again next year if it takes off...

Given the choice, who would you most like to initiate you into the Mile High Club?