Autumn statement - some hard-hitting policies gushing on twitter

Autumn Statement

Osborne may be thinking he's got a surprise in there; I'm thinking "Will it fit, sideways?" If you've been keeping up with the world of finance in the UK, you'll know that everyone has been clutching their ring-pieces in anticipation of the 2012 Autumn Statement, revealed from London from 12:30pm today.

True to form, The Chancellor is not letting us down. In fact, George Osborne may well be to the working man in this decade what the Iron Lady was to us in the eighties.

However, taking an overview of the tweets cascading on twitter from @HM_Treasury, he's done exactly what he said he was going to. Give nothing to those on benefits, and just a little bit more than that to those in full time work.

Austerity measures will be with us for another five years (we told you that here last week) and £600M extra for science are just two revelations from the Autumn Statement streaming through twitter literally as I write. Rather than misinterpret them, I'll pin them here verbatim from The Treasury, with a fecktv.com/england gut reaction underneath and you can make your own mind up about each snippet:

Autumn Statement, Benefits:

Will those on benefits only have to pay 1% inflation, then? "Britain can afford" it, but can those on benefits afford Britain?

- FeckTV.com - (@JasonDFeckTVcom)

Autumn Statement, Tax Cuts

As we reported yesterday, there are a million more people in underemployment since the recession began who'll see feck all difference in their tax bill -
that was a sly feckin' move, Georie Porgie, wannit?

- FeckTV.com - (@JasonDFeckTVcom)

Autumn Statement, UK Top earners, threshold to be raised

The gulf between the rich and the poor gets wider; can't you tell it's Tory-time?

- FeckTV.com - (@JasonDFeckTVcom)

Autumn Statement, Tax Loopholes closed

And not before time - how much has slipped through the net already and who'll monitor/enforce this tightening?

- FeckTV.com - (@JasonDFeckTVcom)

Autumn Statement, No rise on fuel in January

There quite simply would have been mutiny on the forecourts - no real surprise, here

- FeckTV.com - (@JasonDFeckTVcom)

Autumn Statement, Closer to the £10k Tax bracket

What Osborne promised he hath delivered: slight benefits for those in work offset by payments that don't work for those on benefits #AS2012...here endeth the lesson...

- FeckTV.com - (@JasonDFeckTVcom)

If you've not seen enough already, you can download the full Autumn Statement from the HM Treasury website.

Have your say: Quite simply, what do you think of it? Is he trying to pull the wool over our eyes or has George Osborne delivered what he said he was going to all along?