Stonehenge the place to be for winter solstice, weed and whackos

Stonehenge has long been a landmark associated with Pagan and Druid rites. Even whispers of virgin sacrifices to the Pagan Gods. As the Mayan Calendar comes to an end after 5,124 years, a bunch of pot-headed eejits took over the famous stone circle on Salisbury Plain to watch the sun set and a new cycle begin.

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Estimates put the total number of folk who gathered at Stonehenge yesterday to celebrate the Winter Solstice at 5,000. Which one of them had the brain cell, it's truly difficult to tell from this video, courtesy of The Guardian.

We know that eco-warriors have oft been tagged with the term 'tree-huggers'. It seems that Pagans have their own version, 'Stone Huggers'. What they hope to achieve from getting up close and personal with a lump of rock in the middle of winter is anyone's guess. Other than chilblains, of course.

King Arthur Pendragon leads Stonehenge solstice celebrations

Head druid King Arthur Pendragon explains that druids believe that everything happens in cycles. The end of one era is the beginning of a new one. Now that we have reached the end of time, we become masters of our own destiny. Apparently.

There's nothing written beyond 21/12/12, so let's forget about living to some non-religion and act like twats in the middle of winter around the ruin that is Stonehenge. Somehow, I can't see His Holiness The Pope granting us Catholics similar free reign.
Okay - we've reached the end of the Gregorian Calendar so let's all go piss in the Lake at Lourdes.

Not gonna happen, is it?

Whilst some revellers just basqued in the golden sunset, their experience did seem enhanced by something illegal mixed in with their tobacco. That pleasant look of numbness and karma when every nerve-ending starts to tingle was apparent on the faces of many.

To be fair, the images of the dying winter sun were spectacular through the upright ruins of the ancient monument. But not orgasmic, you know what I'm sayin'?

Do they realise just how stupid they look?

Back to our mate, King Arthur. In his priestly, decorated smock and ridiculous pewter dragon charm bracelet wrapped around his head like a MacEnroe headband, he looked a bit of a tit. Even though others were similarly attired to watch the sun set on the Mayan cycle, he stood out like a Rangers fan at an SPL game.

But the prize for the biggest fruit-bat has to go to the woman who, from start to finish, was wobbling around like someone had nicked her spine. Either that, or she was suffering terrible stomach cramp and everyone was just standing around in a circle amidst Stonehenge's elongating shadows waiting for her to let out one helluva a ripper. It never came. At least not on video.

There was a sense of great expectancy, likewise never materialising on film. Many prayed and meditated. Others just stared at the sun as it dipped between the ancient talisman that is Stonehenge.  One reveller even states in the video that the energy she feels "...is from another dimension...I've come from Suffolk."  Not quite a parallel universe, but close enough.

The pylon slap bang in line with the camera angle and the sunset did sort of spoil the effect. But the worshippers were heedless. A time of passing, meditation, longing and to celebrate new beginnings. And a chance to dress up like a right feckin' eejit whilst getting stoned, in more ways than one...

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photo credit: Cheng I via photopin cc