Susan Boyle invites twitter followers to Su's Anal Bum Party

No, you've not read that incorrectly. We are talking about the Susan Boyle and an actual tweet the talented Scottish songstress sent out on twitter just the other day.

Okay, so maybe I've dropped an apostrophe in there. And possibly put the spaces in the wrong place. But the letter order is still quite definitely the same as in the original tweet.

This is Susan Boyle's actual hashtag as it appeared in the stream: #susanalbumparty - see how easily one can get confused?

One bright spark actually posted this in response:

[caption id="attachment_15932" align="aligncenter" width="646"]susan boyle picture from twitter susan boyle, credit: @liannafraser - twitter[/caption]

It's perhaps worth explaining that the 'Jeri' in question is actually @XxJeriBeriXx, a friend of @liannafraser who posted the pic. Or at least she was prior to the tweet.

Gay community went nuts over Susan Boyle's anal bum party

There were, of course, cries of PR blunder and many 'chuckles' at Susan Boyle's expense. Or at least at her Public Relations outfit who presumably posted the clumsily-written micro-blog. One would imagine they've had a stiff dressing down after shafting SuBo like that.

They say that no PR is bad PR, though. So this may well be one in the eye for the mockers. Quite.

But the section of the twitter community to leap on this - couldn't see this coming, could you? - was the gay community. Ooh, Lawdie, they was all getting hot under the collar over on PinkNews.co.uk, I can tell yer.

@Golden_Gaytime (what a stupid feckin' name) tweeted:
Totally en route to #susanalbumparty …#NewGayNight, right?”

@Ed__Harris tweeted:
Just been invited to #susanalbumparty. Do you bring your own lube? Or is it provided?”

Oh, sorry. It's at this point I realise that some of you may not have caught on to the message that Susan Boyle was trying to get out. Apologies if I've been premature.

SuBo has just released an LP in time for Christmas entitled "Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage".

To celebrate her latest release, the Britain's Got Talent singer was hosting a "Susan Album Party" - capice?

What do you mean, No!? C'mon, keep up.

And just to clarify, I'm not a subscriber to PinkNews.co.uk - the story just happened to show up in my Bottlenose dashboard.  Before you start.

Have Your Say: No intellectual thought behind today's question. A straight: Susan Boyle, anal, for a grand, would you? Or maybe that's not so straight. Let us know...