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December 2013 - UPDATE

FeckTV.com, as far as this (ex-)writer is concerned, is a part of my freelance career consigned to the file marked B.

In March 2013, the main Feck site split into two, FeckTV.com and The Realist. Furthermore, the UK Page I'd built up, as well as other non-EIRE pages, were to play no part in the venture's immediate future.

Fair play, FeckTV did send all of my content back in an xml file, which was temporarily housed on a WordPress.com site of my own. Now, it's time to bring them across to Blogger.

Why? Despite WordPress' insistence that their server-hosted sites are SEO friendly, I see no evidence from the traffic. Certainly not compared to similar blogs I have here on Blogger or on Tumblr. Or even my Weebly abs workout website, for that matter.

Those 100 or so posts, along with another two dozen written for my own WordPress site in the interim, are now going to live here permanently. The ethos, pointing the fickle finger of feck at eejits who ought to know better, will remain.

I'm not entirely sure how the posts will import, so I'll be publishing posts one at a time if they merit another airing.

Here's a list of categories that were the original FeckTV themes. What I also want to do with this blog is provide advice for journalistic writers interested in the benefits of on-page SEO.

I'd love for you to join me on G+ or sign up for the RSS feeds of the categories you're interested in. They'll be itemised as soon as the posts go live.

If you like the writing style, find out how you can engage me on my copywriting and SMM submission form. You can also check out my availability on my public work calendar.

News Categories

Here are the categories, then. Some you'll find more interesting than others. But for an unbiased look at how the world's gone mad no matter which stone you look under, here's me doing my best to bring the worst to you first:

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Current Affairs
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Writers' help with on-page SEO