Victoria's Secret Angels in annual Christmas video frolic

If ever we needed proof that we all get an equal share of brains and beauty in this life, then this Christmas video by the Victoria's Secret Angels surely is it.

[youtube width="646" height="422"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYFVXq38dAc&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]

Every single one of them are stunning looking. And I don't think even my wife would mind me saying that given their stunning beauty - ye-ouch - got that feckin' wrong.

Anyhoo, the US lingerie phenomenon that is Victoria's Secret has launched it's annual Christmas video offering. A little in the same way that Sir Cliff Richard always used to pop up a fortnight before Santa but with stockings and suzzies instead of a Bible and chastity belt.

For me, Victoria's Secret is a brand a lot like Ann Summers, but after Mary Whitehouse has applied a filter to it. A little raunchier than M & S or Next, but without a rampant rabbit in sight. It's a good job they weren't about when I was in my teens. I would be blind by now.

Victoria's Secret Angels in fluffy lingerie, fluffing lines

Sorry, back to the point: the annual Christmas video offering from Victoria's Secret. Five gorgeous models in red basques are flitting about the Christmas tree, dropping presents, forgetting the words to carols and proving that trying to sing and light a candle at the same time is just too much.  Multi-tasking? Pah!  I was watching the video and...whisking the Easiyo strawberry mousse.

I'd list the name of the five models and the carols that the Victoria's Secret Angels are fluffing the lines to, but anyone reading this will not give a shite.  They'll neither care what their names are nor what Christmas carols they're killing. Perhaps sir Cliff could come and give them a hand.  They'd be safe enough.

Like I said, each and every model is stunning (now that the wife's left the study).  And it just goes to prove that when you're that top-loaded with looks and stuff, you can be forgiven for repeated memory lapses or being clumsy with your gift-wrapped box. Quite.

The Victoria's Secret girls all seemed to have a lot of fun shooting the video and persistence paid off in the end. We got our Christmas carol. The tree was festooned with baubles and surrounded by a moat of presents.

And to finish us all off, the gorgeous blond Angel eventually got her wick lit after working out that blowing it first wasn't getting the job done.  She just needed a steady hand to cope with all four wicks at once.

Even though this video has perhaps given us an insight into the world of Bimbo, it has also opened up another possible side to Chrimbo. If Santa empties his sack only once a year with this lot around, he must be gay.

So for all you straight guys out there, here's a very Merry Christmas from me and the Victoria's Secret Angels.

Have Your Say: Guys, when you buy your ladies underwear for Christmas, are you thinking of them or yourself? And ladies, underwear off your fella: yes or no?