Solihull Police find drugs stash; ask owner to collect it, via twitter

Okay, so maybe the Metropolitan Police have been called something a little stronger than twits in the past. But Solihull Police (where it's a little bit posh, you know?) have really taken to tweeting in a refreshing new way.

[caption id="attachment_14264" align="aligncenter" width="646"]solihull police share the light side of policing over twitter Solihull police share the light side of policing over twitter
credit: inapap, sxg.hu[/caption]

No, I'm neither a grass nor a self-important busybody from the Solihull Neighbourhood Watch. Properties prices there? As if! I'm a writer, not a CEO. No, my interest in Solihull Police all started with a ReTweet from FeckTV Towers.

Solihull Police tweet spotted by FeckTV Towers

Trust our eagle-eyed HQ to spot it. It's great to see the lighter side of policing, exemplified in this wonderfully tongue-in-cheek tweet:

Several of my facebook friends will, no doubt, be checking their own private stashes of weed to see if they're a kilo or two short, no doubt (joking, Solihull Police).

Solihull Police tweet for relief and results

But their brevity does not stop there. Looking at their tweet-stream, Solihull Police are not only using twitter to report the ridiculous and sublime but also their arrests, too. It's good; we all like to feel safe.

Indeed, when we're not hurling abuse at the boys in blue outside Molineux, we often want to know why they're not there for the silliest of little emergencies. Like someone nicking your pint, for instance.

If you've been to Wolverhampton recently, you'd know exactly what a heinous crime pint-thievery i.  You'd also wonder why the city's landlords are not already locked up for daylight robbery. It truly is a qualificant for the Eighth Wonder of the World, if ever there was one.

But back to Solihull Police's lighter side.  I mean, would you call 999 if you were inconvenienced by a late bus?

No, seriously, here's a tweet from earlier today:

There must be something in the air in Solihull as even the Mayor's getting in on the act:

I reckon the pizza was necessary to satisfy a case of mass-munchies, following the disposal of that stash of Cannabis the Solihull Police found in the first tweet, what say you?