New Years Eve party in Edinburgh to be headlined by Simple Minds

I feel a bit cheated, actually. This New Years Eve, London has got Big Ben and Fireworks. Edinburgh has the 20th Hogmanay headlined by Simple Minds. Both promise exceptional entertainment, as they do every year.

Here in Wolverhampton we had Sherie Hewson and SpongeBob SquarePants turn on our Christmas lights. Now do you see what I mean by cheated?

It's not like the city hasn't got more than its share of Loose Women, anyway. Many will be using the lights for totally inappropriate means again.

Big Bangs, Big Ben and Big Boris this New Years Eve in London

[youtube width="646" height="422"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1yLRK2M8YQ[/youtube]

But away from the outskirts of The Black Country. On to both ends of our septic isle. Starting with our capital, London.

In recent times, and in 2012 especially with more patriotism on display for the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebrations than at any other time since the war, it's safe to say London knows how to put on a fireworks display.

New Years Eve will be no exception as throngs invade Trafalgar Square to see in 2013. The Mayor's firework display will be beamed to millions around the globe in the run up, during and after we see 2012 out.

Is there any better New Years Eve celebration than Hogmanay?

Rivalling the South Bank pyrotechnics in the shadow of The London Eye will be the 20th Hogmanay in the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh will be in the grip of non-stop New Year celebrations for two whole days, even sneaking an extra day's Bank Holiday into the bargain.

And Simple Minds performing live at the Concert in the Gardens - just wow! This New Year's Eve also sees the famous Edinburgh Street Party undergo a major overhaul as attendee numbers continue to grow.

People travel from all around the globe to sing Auld Langs Syne in Robbie Burns' homeland and the city that catapulted Scotland's favourite son to infamy.  I've dropped in a YouTube performance of Auld Langs Syne below complete with lyrics so you don't feel like a complete and utter twat when the midnight hour strikes and yer dinnae ken the words ("you don't know").

[youtube width="646" height="422"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acxnmaVTlZA[/youtube]

And that term, Scotland's favourite son, is still extremely relevant today, despite Burns' works dating back over three hundred years. In 2009 Robbie (or Rabbie in his mother tongued) was voted the greatest ever Scot by STV viewers. So who said Scotland had no culture, sorry, voting a poet as their hero?

Whether you're off down to that there London or heading up over the border to celebrate Hogmanay this New Years Eve you're guaranteed a good time. Unlike in Wolverhampton where there's bugger all planned apart from getting pissed at discos and climbing atop the Man on the Black Horse statue. And falling off it a darned sight quicker (yes, speaking from experience).

A final note: whilst London is a free New Years Eve gig, Hogmanay is tickets only in the interests of health and safety. You can book the street party, concert in the park and a whole host of associated events tickets at the official Edinburgh Hogmanay site.

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