Ken Barlow got the end of the world wrong too - or did he?

Okay, so the Mayan end of the world didn't happen. But the Mayans weren't the only ones to predict something colossal for the Earth in December 2012. I've a feeling Ken Barlow had a prediction a lot closer to the mark.

[caption id="attachment_18617" align="aligncenter" width="646"]ken barlow closer to figuring out end of the world than mayans Ken Barlow was, in my opinion, closer to figuring out the end of the world than the Mayans.[/caption]

There must be something in this being a disciple of spiritual truth. William Roache, whose character Ken Barlow is the longest-serving member of the original cast on Coronation Street, looks to have found the fount of eternal youth.

Okay, he may not look as youthful as in his first black and white scenes in the sixties. But when I read that he was 80, it was a genuine case of WTF? It could also be the amount of lovers the unlikely Gigolo has had on The Street (and off it) over the years that has kept him in tip-top shape.

Ken Barlow is an absolute fecking legend

According to one report - and I'll take this as Gospel, being as we're in a spiritual way - Ken Barlow's Coronation Street romantic dalliances are thus:

  • Wives: three

  • Girlfriends: twenty-four

But that pales in comparison to Bill Roache's reputed track record off screen. Piers Morgan famously estimated that 'Casanova Ken' had slept with over one thousand women. And it's certainly not something the actor denies, either, no matter how embarrassed he says he gets when people nudge him about it:
It was Piers Morgan who put the figure at 1,000 but I don’t actually know how many women I’ve had sex with."

And to be fair, he accredits much of that activity to a time when he 'smoked and drank for England in the Sixties'. It took the actor a long time to realise that sex was a way of expressing love.

And when he did, he met his soul mate, wife Sara, to whom he was married for 35 years. Even now, he still feels Sara's presence, who 'died literally mid-conversation,' three years ago.  He knows that one day, they will be reunited.  It's actually quite touching.

William Roache has given up physical love for spiritual love

Bill has tried to move on. Indeed, he enjoyed a relationship with weather beauty Emma Jesson. At half his age (almost), it's hard to understand why he ended that relationship. But spreading love and enlightenment has become his mission in his dotage.

I'm not sure he's not onto something, either. You'll no doubt have seen the headlines that 'Ken Barlow predicts the end of the world', which were flying about last week. He's quick to put us right on that score:
What I meant by the material world collapsing was that war, famine, poverty . . . the bankers and their terrible greed, the civil unrest across the globe, all these damaging aspects of our world are gradually going to be swept away,"

he explained in his interview with the Daily Mail on the end of the world subject.

Now I know this will sound harsh, but we're all hoping that a lot of positives take effect following the Sandy Nook shooting. The first step to ending civil unrest being the banning of guns in the US.

And what about this for seconds: the European Summit finally agreed an unlikely budget for the coming years. A move that will make all countries represented in the EU more accountable financially.

Not enough to convince you? There were 92 indictments in the International Criminal Trial for Rwanda, a large step towards ending the genocide there. All of these events happened on and around the day Clairvoyant Ken Barlow predicted the sweeping changes across the world.

So if you can see past the Mayan haze, you may want to use Bill as your source for future end of the world predictions. That's if you can catch up with spritely 80-year old, who remains as keen as mustard, if you ask me.

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