Christopher Lee rocks Christmas - it's official

Christopher Lee rocks Christmas - it's official.

[caption id="attachment_44007" align="aligncenter" width="646"]Christopher Lee Heavy Metal Christmas Christopher Lee ~ Heavy Metal Christmas[/caption]

Christopher Lee mashes up Little Drummer Boy and Silent Night good and proper.

Yes, this is THE Christopher Lee with heavy metal versions of the two Christmas classics - this version of Little drummer boy would send Bowie to an early grave and have Bing turning in his.

And, let's face it, there are few more qualified to talk about graves than Hollywood and Hammer's most famous Dracula of them all.

Christopher Lee's next album, The Omens of Death, is out next year. The title sort of gives you an idea of the style, really...

If you can't be arsed to click through the link at the top to read the full article, you can download the two Christopher Lee Christmas carols in MP3 format, here:

If you like those well enough, Christopher Lee's 2010 award-winning heavy metal album (I kid you not) is available, here, also in MP3 from Amazon:

Erm, Merry Christmas, everyone? Enjoy.