Victoria Beckham doubt over Spice Girls tour leaves Geri fuming

Dunno about you, but when you think of the Spice Girls videos (not that I do that often, understand?) can you ever picture Victoria Beckham singing? Well she did and the thought of taking the band on the road one last time without Posh Spice may preclude manager Simon Fuller's involvement, too.

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The Spice Girls were a phenomenal British success story, no question. And although Victoria Beckham's contributions vocally may have been limited, she brings a lot more to the band than meets the eye.

Victoria Beckham influence deeper than vocals

So much so that manager Simon Fuller considers it a "real risk" taking the Spice Girls back on the road for their rumoured final farewell tour (again) without her. And Victoria Beckham has made it quite clear she's not interested.

The decision is reported to have led to a 'war of words' between Geri Haliwell (Ginger Spice) and Posh that casts doubt on the tour even further. Posh is not talking to Ginger as a result and the Spice Girls Tour looks doomed.

When the Spice Girls set out on the road for their last reunion tour, Victoria Beckham's influence was huge. First off, Victoria enticed Jamie King, Madonna's choreographer, to sort out their moves.

Secondly, she negotiated the deal with Dolce and Gabbana for the outfits the band wore for the tour. The Spice Girls were big, but without Victoria Beckham's designer influence, would D&G have got invoved? You'd think not.

Geri & Posh war of words not a Ginger thing

All of this is proving a big frustration for Ginger Spice, Geri Haliwell. According to all sources, she's looking to get the Spice Girls back on the road as soon as is humanely possible. Hence the war of words, which has left the two Spices not talking.

The writing may well have already been on the wall. Even though the Spice Girls rejoined to help close out the 2012 London Olympics, Victoria Beckham digged in with David, rather than with the band.

Last summer may well be the last time we ever get to see the Spice Girls together (everybody: aaahh!). It's one for the record books, for sure. The last bastions of Girl Power fizzled out for good...or has it?

In my opinion, what Victoria Beckham has achieved post-Spice Girls does far more for Girl Power than anything the Spice Girls ever achieved. Raising a prolific family and keeping them out of the spotlight as much as possible, creating a powerhouse fashion company as head designer in New York and being Mrs Beckham?

I think Posh Spice is a woman who has already got what she wants, what she really, really wants. And doesn't need Geri or anyone else to tell her any different.

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