Dogging in an unreserved nature in Skegness

Skegness has long since been the butt of many a tourist joke. If recent reports are to be believed, there are many other butts on view and it's not just fun they're poking in those fabled dunes as dogging at Seacroft Marsh is on the rise.

[caption id="attachment_27015" align="aligncenter" width="646"]seacroft marsh plagued by dogging at all hours Old Salt Marsh (straight up); Seacroft Marsh plagued by dogging at all hours[/caption]

Skegness is a time-honoured holiday destination, almost as famous as Margate, Minehead and the king of all UK holiday destinations, Blackpool. But couples meeting up for dogging sessions have given the local Site of Special Scientific Interest a whole new emphasis.

When Seacroft Marsh was acknowledged as a local nature reserve, the type of biology being acted out by doggers was perhaps not the Scientific Interest Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust had in mind.

Dogging happening on Seacroft Marsh at all hours

A local coastal ranger, Dave Miller, is so concerned about the rise in dogging activity that he now thinks twice about taking school children out on the reserve. So much so, that he's calling on locals to monitor the nocturnal activity and report it accordingly.

If it was just night-time, Mr Miller believes it would be less of a problem. But he's been made very aware of folk bumping into people "doing unsavoury things" in broad daylight, too.

Seacroft Marsh itself runs on from Gibraltar Point, a National Nature Reserve. If you have concerns or eye-witness reports of dogging, there will be a meeting at the Nature Reserve's Visitor Centre on Tuesday evening at 7pm to voice your frustration.

Next step - Neighbourhood Watch with a difference

It's Mr Miller's intention to build up a dogging database. If not to catch the offenders at it, at least try to discern whether there are peaks or troughs in dogging activity.

It's not only couples meeting up for a random shag that's the issue. It's the post-coital detritus people leave behind after a dogging session that's as much of a problem. As Miller pointed out, for children to see the 'not very nice litter' is far from exemplary.

If memory serves, you can actually go for a ride on the Condor at Skegness Pleasure Beach. For the sake of swapping one letter, isn't that just what these doggers are up to? C'mon, keep up. Durex pecked me to explain it?

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photo credit: Kate Jewell via geograph cc license