Jim Davidson released from Nick-Nick in Saville operation

Jim Davidson's upcoming role in Celebrity Big Brother may well have been seriously compromised. The 'Nick-Nick' star was arrested today in connection with Scotland Yard's ongoing national inquiries under Operation Yewtree.

[caption id="attachment_22675" align="aligncenter" width="646"]Jim Davidson with face scrubbed out Will Jim Davidson be scrubbed from Celebrity Big Brother?[/caption]

Operation Yewtree is the codename for the investigations into allegations made against the late Jimmy Saville. Split into three branches of investigation,

  1. Jimmy Saville only

  2. Jimmy Saville and others

  3. Others

the majority of allegations are for sexual offences. Jim Davidson falls into the 'Others' category, it has been confirmed.

The comedian, 59, and a 53-year-old were both arrested today. Jim Davidson has been bailed to appear back at the west London police station where he was taken for questioning in March.

Jim Davidson, Yewtree 10

The unnamed 53-year old was reportedly arrested at 8am this morning.  Jim Davidson was allegedly arrested at Heathrow around lunch-time as he returned to the UK to film Celebrity Big Brother. In a police statement, today's arrestees were referred to as Yewtree 9 and Yewtree 10.

In a one-off statement issued by Jim Davidson's solicitor, it is expressly clear that the Big Break presenter 'vigorously denies' the allegations. 'Two women' have come forward to make claims of a sexual nature, which date back 25 years. At the time, both would have been in their mid-twenties.

Jim not charged, but will we be watching him on Big Brother?

Henri Bradman, acting on behalf of Jim Davidson, has confirmed that the former Generation Game host has
answered police questions as fully as he was able after this passage of time.," adding that the comedian "has not been charged with any offence."

Channel 5 are not making any comments as yet as to whether they plan to keep Jim Davidson involved in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother. That will presumably depend upon the reaction of the other 'stars' pencilled in to take part in the show.

To date, Paula Hamilton, Frankie Dettori and Rylan Clark are thought to be making up the house guests, amongst others. Whilst the PR for Channel 5 would be huge if Jim Davidson was to remain, you'd surmise some self-righteous arse will say 'there's no smoke without fire' and pull their face.

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  • Okay, he's been done for drink-driving in the past, but would Jim Davidson really need to sexually violate anyone?

  • And should Channel 5 keep him enlisted for the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother?

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