feckuk - we now have a platform on Blogger


Ladies, gentlemen and for those of you not entirely sure, allow me to make a small announcement, if you will.

You will know already that we have our main home on wordpress.org: http://fecktv.com/england, we have this facility, the flying feck, here on wordpress.com and on tumblr, too, we have: http://lovefeckinengland.tumblr.com

It seemed a little daft not including the Google blogging platform, Blogger.  For two reasons:

  1. quite simply, if you're into content marketing, you target Google traffic as it is the most voluminous on t'net

  2. of all of the social media out there, Google+ is by far the best for networking, in my humble opinion

[caption id="attachment_96" align="alignleft" width="270"]feckuk blogger blog site views first six hours feckuk blogger blog site views first six hours[/caption]

Therefore, today I can announce that we have made the leap onto Blogger, too. Not to dilute the traffic, but to reach a wider audience - and boy, did we?!

What a reaction!  I just checked out the dashboard, just to see if there had been any activity.  I thought I was looking at the wrong blog.

72 page views in the site's first six hours.  Surely that cannot be right, thought I.  Okay, so maybe only 43 were unique, but bugger me.  If that keeps up we're gonna generate some interest.

Next step is to get the old adsense account aligned, methinks.  Like this blog, though: plain, simple, content and images, job done.  The main FeckTV.com site can handle the whistles and bells. I'll just sort the content, thank you.

Where can we find fecktv on Blogger, Jason?

Well thank you gladly for the timely reminder.  I was just about to sign off and leave you all in suspenders.  Pray, forgive my bamboozled mind.

You can find us, quite simply, at feckuk. All that's on there at the moment is the initial post, which provides an overview of the opportunities to both write for fecktv.com and the advertising potential for UK pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, b&b's, restaurants, cafés and bistros for €20/week.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="143"]This is icon for social networking website. Th... credit: wikimedia commons[/caption]

What do you guys who use WordPress think?  Is 72 page views in the first six hours of the life of a blog unprecedented?  In my experience, that volume of traffic takes a while to build up to.  Or perhaps I've been doing it all wrong, all this time.

Okay, well I've got content to produce for tomorrow's articles for the main FeckTV.com site, so I'll love you and leave you here, for tonight.

If you want to keep up with the best of British news from the Feck desk in the UK, simply add this RSS to your reader: http://fecktv.com/author/jason-darrell/feed - everything I publish shall appear, as if by magic, in your inbox as soon as it's live.

TTFN, Jason D.