Hangover cure mystery officially solved: the bacon sandwich

It's official - a bacon sandwich after a night on the lash is now a scientifically proven hangover cure. That's according to scientists at Newcastle University. How they put the Broon Ale away up there, they know hangovers.

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In Portugal, the bacon sandwich is being dubbed as the 'miracle medicine'. And surprisingly, it's not the absorption quality of the bread that counts - it's far more scientific than that.

You don't need reminding that, after a night on the razzle, you feel a little lethargic the morning after. Depleted neuro-transmitters, low sugar, dehydration - it makes us wonder why we've done it. Again.

Carbs & protein key to 'miracle' hangover cure

This particular hangover cure, however, works on the metabolism. The bacon, packed with protein, is broken down into amino acids. The carbohydrate in the bread acts as the carrier, taking the amino acids to where they're needed.

As well as your head pounding, your muscles ache through lack of hydration and sugar, too. The double-edged whammy of both carbs and protein being availed of your system massively speeds up your metabolism.

This helps to get rid of the detritus from a night on the piss a lot quicker than many a cure for hangovers that have gone before it. Even Black Cherry Thunder Ice Cream. One weekend in Newquay - don't ask.

Bacon works on senses before entering GI tract

The interesting thing scientists have discovered is that your metabolism is revving up even before you take your first bite. The very smell of frying bacon alerts your senses, readying your body to be cured of its hangover. It's true.

The new discovery is thought to be a breakthrough in complex chemistry. Furthermore, as we start to understand more about good fats, bacon containing a high percentage of them, the news only gets better.

However, the hangover cure message does come with the caveat that, as the nutrition industry is still in its infancy, the 'evidence' may well be contradicted by further study.

But if you've got a choice of trying to drink two pints of water on top of sixteen pints of Guinness before you go to bed or thinking
'Feck it, I'll just have me a bacon sarnie in the morning!',

I've a good idea which one you're gonna plump for.

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