This week's walkabout posts on FeckTV UK recategorised

Today's post was meant to serve a singular purpose - expand on the seven categories that define the FeckTV opportunity for writers.

However, as we're thwarted with a bug in the WordPress Category Plug-in, this post will now primarily clarify which of the last week's posts should go where.  It will also serve as a guide to the style expected of a FeckTV writer.

The first post on the FeckTV England page that went awry was

Christmas Premier League fixtures – far from the mad home crowd

We ask why, in the run up to Christmas,  do the fixture planners at Lancaster Gate deem it necessary to send away fans on a minimum 300+ mile round trip to see their team.

Have Your Say:
  • Should Premier League fixtures be organised around locality over the festive period?
  • Or do the male-dominant away supporters actually like the excuse to be out of the way in the run up to Christmas that these distances entail?
This article belongs in the Sports category, although for some, yes, following their team up hill and down dale is a lifestyle choice.

Next up, we have Cyber crime gangs from 25 countries targeting UK - for whatever reason, this article escaped the plotting and scheming of The Gremlins and lives where it should do in the Business category.

We were not so lucky with the next article, again it appears in every category on site.  This one happens to be my favourite post of the week, if not of the 82 articles contributed to FeckTV thus far, and should be in the Sports category:

Stoke darts players – condescending twats or superior sportsmen?

The headline there, I think, says it all. Well, maybe not; the way Rod Harrington and Dave Clarke cover up for Phil Taylor immediately afterwards makes me wanna puke, but it's the same for all Stoke darts players - they are to SKY darts what London clubs are to SKY soccer, so we shouldn't be surprised.

The space vacated by the passing of Sid Waddell between Taylor's arse cheeks didn't take long to fill, did it, Rod?

What do you think?  Am I being overtly harsh?
Or are all Stoke darts players deserving of a public flogging and a lesson in etiquette and common courtesy before they’re allowed on the oche again?

Next up in this week's wondering articles we have

Image copyright – clause 68 could drop UK journalists in the shit

Vince Cable is looking to issue a clause that means UK writers can use any image posted online from beyond our septic isle free and gratis in their own work.

At first, that sounds grand.  Until you think of the repercussions:
Have Your Say:
  • Is freeing up global image copyright a good thing for UK writers?
  • Or are we fair-minded and ballsy enough to stand up and be counted and accept global image copyright like the rest of the world?
That beaut should have been posted in Business.  Next up, an entertainment article that's appearing in all categories:-

Jim Davidson released from Nick-Nick in Saville operation

Well, Nick-Nick has had scrapes with the law before, but mainly in the docks as an about-to-be-divorcee or on charges of drunk driving.

But can we really see Jim Davidson needing to commit sexual offences with a couple of 20-something ladies 25 years ago?

Looking at the photo, someone clearly has a dislike for the man.

Back to Sport again, as we ask: Have Your Say:
  • Can Danny Sturridge become a Liverpool legend under Brendan Rodgers?
  • Or will Liverpool pay the heaviest price for hoisting Luis Suárez out of the spotlight?
One Liverpool fan commented, categorically stating that he had nothing to say about this little headline:

Danny Sturridge to usurp Suárez in Liverpool attack

We venture into the world of hi-tech, next.  Children may be easily fobbed off when they're 'bored' by handing them the family tablet to play with.  But are we just aiding the big technology brands in grooming them to be their customers from the cradle to the grave?

In relation to:

How kids use tablets – an infographic

we ask: Have Your Say:
  • Is children being exposed to so much technology so young a bad, evil thing?
  • Or by seeing how kids use tablets, can it pave the way for a more intuitive marketplace in the future?
 On second thoughts, take back what I said about Stoke darts players being twats as being my favourite article of the week.  That honour goes to

Dogging in an unreserved nature in Skegness

Apparently, Old Salt Marsh -  you couldn't make it up, could you? - has seen an influx of randy couples fitting in a quick dogging session and leaving their post-coital detritus for all to find.

Coastal ranger Dave Miller is that conscious of the rise in dogging activity in the Skegness beauty spot that he's having second thoughts about taking school children out for a ramble along the beach-side nature reserve.

Furthermore, he's holding a meeting this Tuesday evening to discuss mounting an around-the-clock watch to see if there are any notable peaks and troughs in dogging activity to help the police catch culprits in the act.  

Methinks he's been in the nature game too long, but fair play for having a stab in the dark.  Well, exactly.  Yes, this one belongs under the Lifestyle category, although it was a toss-up between that and Current Affairs.

And the last walkabout post for week-ending the 5th of January was about a robot band called Compressorhead covering the Ace of Spades.

Now, we're used to machines playing synthesised music, but these three robots play the real instruments.  In this case, they give us their version of the Motörhead classic in an absolutely fascinating YouTube video..

Okay, maybe 'Fingers', the lead guitarist, has got 78 digits and 'Stickman' has four arms to play the drums but, along with 'Bones' on bass, these three robots certainly do the Ace of Spades justice.

And that's where we'll sign off, with the video to Compressorhead's latest track that'll be in the Music category when we get sorted.  

According to Stickman on facebook, the video has had over a million hits thanks to how it went viral over the weekend.  Only glad to have played a part; see you again, soon: