Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster - Maverick parenting skills?

At the Golden Globes last week, the world was less than shocked when Jodie Foster 'came out'. As moving as her speech was, it was nothing we didn't already know.

Tears glistened in the eyes of Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster's children, Charles and Kit, as her acceptance speech tipped the wink to the three of them. And acknowledged her long-time 'soul sister', but no longer lover, Cindy Mort.

Turns out, Aussie hunk Gibson may have been playing more than just baby-sitter at the star-studded even. If the rumour mill is to be believed, of course.

Jodie and Mel have been much more than friends ever since filming the hilarious Maverick some twenty years ago. But to the extent that he could be the kids' father?

What about the time-scale? Well, it fits. Jodie's relationship with her long-time lesbian-lover-turned-soul-sister, Cindy Mort, dates back to the time Maverick was filmed.

Is it possible that the lesbian couple decided they wanted children and, given the bond Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson developed on- and off-set, the Mad Max actor was first in the firing line?

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster's relationship goes deeper

Foster said of Gibson that, as soon as she met him, she "would love him the rest of [her] life." Perhaps the on-screen relationship with the father of eight children (that we know to) ended up going deeper than a hand of poker, after all?

[caption id="attachment_44119" align="aligncenter" width="480"]mel gibson, charles, kit and jodie foster - golden globesMaverick family resemblance for Foster kids?[/caption]

The images of Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster (c/o Hollywood and Swine) completing the "one for the family scrap-book" snapshot with 12 year old Kit and 14 year old Charles inadvertently found their way into the hands of an expert genealogist.

According to New York media, said expert is quoted as saying, "the kids look like [Gibson], but blonder"Erm, in what way is that, exactly?

If that expert thinks Charles and Kit are 'blond', I'd instantly dismiss any other evaluation he/she makes.  They're feckin' ginger as long as I've got a hole in my arse.

Foster kids will find out real father at 21

The Foster children have not yet been told who their father is.  That's a surprise Jodie's keeping until they turn 21. So it looks like we'll be kept in the dark for at least another seven years.

On second thoughts, given how flaccid a shock it was to "discover" Jodie's lesbian tendencies at her coming out acceptance speech, the Mel Gibson Father's Jodie Foster's Kids headline may well "leak" a good while sooner.

At least one rumour may be scotched if it turns out that Gibson and Foster came together to become Charles and Kit's biological parents.

It's a long-held common belief that Randy Stone, the casting director, was the sperm donor for the brothers.

If that's true, Randy took the secret with him to the grave in 2007.  As it turns out, it could have been a randy Aussie on the casting couch responsible, instead.

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