Mohammed is England's number one name for new-born males

Alf Garnett would be tearing his hair out (had he any). Enoch Powell is sticking his two fingers up at Ted Heath's Government from beyond the grave. Officially, Mohammed is the most popular name for new born males in England.

[caption id="attachment_33856" align="aligncenter" width="646"]Mohammed in Islamic calligraphy Mohammed in Islamic calligraphy; also very much in demand in English[/caption]

Well, not quite officially. If you look at the information presented by the ONS, Oliver holds the title as top choice for new born baby boys' name.

Information gathered by CNN, however, gives the list a whole new complexion. Taking variant spellings (incl. Muhammad and Mohammad) into account, Ollie is demoted to number two whilst Mohammed(s) leapfrogs into the top spot.

Mohammed is revered in the Muslim community

It really is no great surprise. The Muslim community worship the founder of their religion, the Islam Prophet Mohammed. The only profit worshipped under the Union Flag has been monetary for centuries.

Adbdullah al-Hasan explains the situation further. Mohammed, the prophet and founder of Islam (c. 570), has a teaching and wisdom so strongly admired in the Muslim community that parents want to copy Him not only in deed and thought, but in namesake, too.

And let's be blunt; what would happen if all of the Church of England males followed in their founders' footsteps? They'd all die of syphilis and there'd hardly be any women left to bear the next generation.

So is it a surprise that Mohammed, as a religious name, should be top of the new-born name list? Not when you dig deeper into the growing Muslim population inhabiting the UK and Europe.

Muslim population up 70% in 20 years

The Pew Forum on religion and public life puts the number of Muslims in the UK just shy of three million. That's equivalent to just over 4.5% of the population.

That accounts for more than a sixth of all Muslims in Europe, according to the Forum. Over the last two decades the number of European Muslims has shot up to seventeen million.  That's a rise of 70% over the period.

It took thirty years for Ted Heath to concede that Enoch Powell had made valid points in his Rivers of Blood speech. The Tory stalwart belatedly said of the Wolverhampton South-West MP's rhetoric that the "economic burden of immigration" prophesied were "not without prescience."

How understated does that summary seem now?  Especially in light of the UK and Europe's crippled economies under the duress of the growing number of immigrants from all global nations inhabiting our shores...

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  • And is Enoch Powell's prophecy of the "economic burden of immigration" coming to fruition with Europe being crippled financially, as it is?

photo credit: Nevit Dilman via Wikimedia Commons under GNU Free Document license