KFC brain is only a kidney - well that's alright, then

Ibrahim Langoo has vowed never to go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant after finding a 'KFC brain' in his meal. The fast food chain have apologised, but their offers of free meals are likely to be turned down.

[caption id="attachment_43980" align="alignleft" width="360"]KFC Brain KFC Brain, Liver or Intestinal Tract?[/caption]

One O'clock, Colchester, England. Ibrahim Langoo and fellow musical theatre degree student Laura Canning enter the local KFC. They order a Gladiator box meal to share, for the princely sum of £6.79.

The meal, described as
100% chicken breast Fillet Burger, two pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, side, fries and a drink.

contained more than either bargained for.

It's fortunate for Ibrahim Langoo that he eats his Kentucky the way he does, picking the meat off the bones. Otherwise, the KFC brain could so easily have been consumed without trace.

And if that's Original Recipe, I'll bare my arse in Beatties window for a fortnight.

Ibrahim 'grossed out' by 'unsightly' KFC brain

As Laura tucked into the burger, Ibrahim started picking at the 'finger-lickin' chicken'. It wasn't long before the bogus delicacy was discovered, the thought that he could have eaten it leaving Ibrahim totally 'grossed out'.

He could not bear to touch the KFC brain and despite attempts to complain at the Colchester restaurant, the lunch-time rush saw his pleas to staff go ignored.

Unbeknown to them, Ibrahim had photographed the KFC brain, which he'd dropped in disgust onto their tray. The image was posted online and soon went viral on Twitter and other social media.

KFC Brain contained "no health risk"

Following examination of the photo, experts at KFC have deduced that the 'unsightly' organ is in fact a kidney. To be fair, if it was a brain, at that size it would be chickens stuffing Paxo up humans' backsides for Sunday lunch, not vice versa.

A spokesman for KFC claims that the organ was in fact a kidney, which had not been spotted in the removal process. He went on to underline the fact that as ugly as the photo looks, "there was no health risk."

If that's the case, we cordially invite the KFC spokesman to indulge us. The proof of the pudding - or in this case, the KFC brain - is indeed in the eating. I doubt they'll take us up on our offer...

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  • Should Ibrahim take this further under trade description and tell Kentucky Fried Chicken to stuff their apology?

  • Or would you rather see a KFC spokesperson feast on a serving of KFC brain kidney?

photo credit: @Paul_MK5 via TwitPic cc