Business travel tips from Sir Richard Branson, a chap who knows travel

You can't log onto your Google+ account without a post from Sir Richard Branson floating past in the stream. LinkedIn, his website - the bloke's everywhere online as well as off-line. So when he publishes his top five business travel tips, it's time to take note.  Go get yer pencil...

[caption id="attachment_44125" align="aligncenter" width="646"]branson on virgin business travel flight Branson's business flight acumen is Virgin on the ridiculous[/caption]

1. Make a Travel Plan

My good lady wife likes lists. Got to do two jobs, take the rubbish out and do the washin' up? She'll prioritise it. As it happens, that's good advice for business travel, too. If you know you've an arduous business trip ahead, plan how to fill the time effectively.

Ideally, you'll have a PA to assemble your business travel itinerary. Even if not, get your rough draft(s), background research or seminar speech onto your tablet and hone that baby en route.

2. Are you feeling sleepy?

One downside of not planning your business travel arrangements adequately is loose ends. If your mind's whirring faster than the plane's turbines, you're not going to be settled when you arrive.

Conversely, if you use your flight to get rested, ensure that you're fully versed about your forthcoming appointment before you get to check-in. Clear your inbox, put the cat out, cancel the milk and you'll drift off, no sweat.

3. Don't succumb to 'Fret' Lag

Sir Richard Branson believes that much of the ado about jetlag is the fear of the condition itself. When making your business travel schedule, make sure there's something planned to relieve incumbent executive stress after landing.

If you're looking for type of thing a billionaire gets up to, just follow Sir Richard Branson on Google+. I'm convinced the bloke's retired and just not told anyone.

4. Water, water, everywhere

When you've reached senior management, executive director or CEO level, business travel often involves a jaunt to a coastline (and golf course), somewhere or other.

Take how popular Barcelona, Rome, Monaco, Athens and even London are as convention-hosting cities, for example. There's confirmation of how much business is conducted within a stone's throw of the drink.

But it's the water that's naturally mineralised and subsequently bottled that Sir Richard advises we get used to for business travel purposes. For sure, share a drop of bubbly; but make sure there's some Buxton Spring Water in your hand luggage to dilute the heady effects.

5. Ask to upgrade your business travel reservation

Your PA may not have taken into account the fact that you may actually want to do some work en route. Travelling on expenses, providing your company's in ship-shape Bristol fashion, is the dog's bollocks.  Oh, yes.

Business class seats may not have sold out, meaning upgrades can often be booked at a snip. As Sir Richard states, if you don't ask, you don't get.

When checking in, there's no harm in asking to upgrade. But hold back on that lame excuse explaining why you need that plushy seat; it appears Virgin staff have heard it all.

What constitutes your business travel tip 101?

Do you have an invaluable secret for arriving refreshed and ready to face the competition?  Or worse, the boss?

Or do you have any funny business class travel stories to share? Drop 'em in the comments below and share the love and wisdom with our FeckTV audience.

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