Helen Flanagan pics see Ultimo deal go tits up!

Bless her cotton socks - Helen Flanagan has boobed again. This time by likening the woes of an abandoned cat to her own status on Twitter.

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Having media access to fans can be a PR disaster

Social media has been a boon for many celebrities. Well, those who have a grain of common sense. Their messages and updates can be sent to following fans in an instant.

Such access can prove fatal for celebrities who just don't get it. Helen Flanagan, for instance, seemingly doesn't.

After a host of publicly shared pics have gone horribly wrong for her, she still decided to use the image of an abandoned cat who'd been blighted with skin cancer to highlight the female plight of being left at home by their fellas.

Do she wonder why?  Perhaps her fellas have gone along to watch a Sesame Street Fest in the hope of more adult conversation.

In her defence, Helen Flanagan probably didn't realise that Charlie the Cat, whose likeness she posted to underline her point, had been operated on for skin cancer.

For that, she'd have actually had to have read the Mirror article that accompanied the purloined pusy's photographs.

Helen Flanagan takes down her pussy after complaints

The ex-Corrie star soon took down the picture after pussy-lovers inundated her with complaints of bad taste. That's gotta be a first.

The picture of Charlie the Cat depicted him post-surgery, having had his ears and nose removed to prevent the spread of cancer.

According to Helen Flanagan's spokeswoman, there was no malice behind the actress' actions. Rather, that the cat (likened to Voldemort in an earlier report) 'looked really cute'.

On that basis, Gary Oldman, if you're reading, you and your wand may well be in with a chance with the actress formerly known as Rosie Webster.

Get hold of a copy of Celebrity for Dummies to instigate any stimulating conversation, mind.  As long as it's got pictures...

Ultimo/Helen Flanagan deal goes tits-up

The Charlie the Cat stunt (careful) comes only weeks after she got another publicity stunt arse about face. Not long after the Sandy Nook shooting in the US, Helen Flanagan posed with a firearm pointing at her temple.

Following her appearance in I'm a Celeb, the subsequent images of her smoking and now these two latest faux pas, it does make you wonder whether she's left what little common sense she was born with on The Street.

It also begs the question: How little effort did Helen Flanagan have to put into playing buxom bimbo Rosie Webster? Seemingly, not a lot.

Ultimo have already U-turned on her. The star did have a lucrative £1M deal lined up with the lingerie firm.

However, the Gun-shot (above), taken down from Twitter but still very much available in Helen Flanagan's Lockerz show-reel with the words "Head F**k" beneath, has since seen that deal go tits up, too.

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