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A very good afternoon, Blogger blog community.

Alas, I have been wanton.  Indulging myself in only my preferred blogging platforms.  Yes, t'is sad, but oh so true. Neglect of the Google blog is something for which I ought to be publicly flogged.  Only I might enjoy it.

A very short post to kick FeckTV in the UK off on the Blogger platform.  FeckTV.com is a new global start-up TV channel.  Eventually, we will have 600 journalists and 180 national page managers around the globe all feeding into one global site.

The traffic will be huge, the news diverse and the exposure unprecedented.

For my sins, I have I have been charged with the role of UK national media manager.  Do not ask me how that happened.  Oh, go on then,  I'll tell you.

Whilst perusing the opportunities on one of the many freelance sites I stalk use, I came across an opportunity for a regional writer.  It was, need I point out, said FeckTV opportunity.

After much umming, arghing and head-scratching, I thought 'Bugger it!, Why not me?'.

Two weeks later, having provided samples of my work, confirming my availability and suitable degree of insanity, I was offered the job.  It didn't dawn on me at first that the role I was being offered was to look after the whole of England, not just Birmingham.

But after several weeks of getting the requisite number of news articles on site, the England page launched; it was the first outside of Ireland, where FeckTV.com is based.  After further discussion with the CEO, it was decided that I would not only look after England, but Wales and Scotland, too.  Just a tad bigger than Birmingham, then...

What next for FeckTV in the UK?

I'm so very glad you asked.  My task now is threefold.

Firstly, I have to find writers based in England (10), Scotland (5) and Wales (3) to nurture city pages.  City pages will be similar to the national page, but feature local news articles.  The topics are:
  • music
  • sport
  • lifestyle
  • entertainment
  • current affairs
  • business and entrepreneurship
  • technology
Upon finding writers to cover the larger cities in each of the countries, we then need to find pubs, clubs and hotels (or any establishment that falls loosely within the hospitality trade) to feature on the national page.  Or, if said establishment falls in one of the appointed cities (tba), on the city page.  A city page will be launched upon having a Recommendation (sponsored ad) of one of each pub, hotel and restaurant.

I'm in no doubt that, as an unheard of entity, convincing establishments to advertise on the UK pages will be no mean feat, initially. But then, nothing worthwhile ever is. However, for the sake of €20/week they'll soon catch on. And, in no time at all, establishments will be approaching us to feature on our pages, of that I'm convinced.

The third task is to marry and maintain the pages, continuing to spread the word across social media, keep the writers abreast of the best SEO practises (there is the Yoast SEO plug-in on the WordPress site to help, initially) and continue to build momentum.  The earning capacity really has few limits.

The FeckTV opportunity

In essence, there are two opportunities.  If you are interested, the writing opportunity branches out further, but I can tell you more about that specifically if what you're about to read arouses your interest further.

Firstly, if you have the ability to transcribe the news in the FeckTV style (you can reference my ongoing contribution to gauge the pot pourri of satire, humour and intelligence that defines our independent, non-bias content) and are interested in a career in online journalism, take a trip over to the opportunity on our main site to learn more: http://fecktv.com/write-for-feck-tv.

If you are based in the UK and decide to bless us with an application, e-mail me the moment you do.  I can then give the team in Ireland the heads-up (get 'em out the pub) that I'm awaiting your info.

If you're outside the UK and fancy the challenge, still use the above 'write for feck tv' link to let the guys know you're interested.  They're not psychic.   You will then be approached by your own country's representative or, if not yet established, by Irish HQ about the opportunity.

Secondly, if you run a pub, bar, hotel, b&b, bistro, restaurant or café in the UK, have an advertising budget that can accommodate the €20/week fee and are looking to drum up more trade from predominantly the 20-35 year-old demographic, likewise e-mail me.

An example of what you get for your money as a FeckTV Recommendation can be found on our Irish, Longford page.  Simply put, when people search our site for your town/city, your establishment will feature intuitively before them.  Ta-dah!

In today's hyper-connected world, that's all the 20-35 year-olds want - a point of reference.  Somewhere to eat, sleep and drink that can be plugged into their iPhone/Tom Tom and they're off.

Your establishment can so easily be that point of reference for people en route to your neck of the woods.  The easier you can make it for them, the better chance you have of attracting their trade.

We will need to verify the Recommendation when we get feet on the ground.  Yes, it's an excuse for our writers to come to your establishment so that you can ply them with ale, a jalfrezi or free night's kip to write a cracking review that you are willing to endorse for aforementioned weekly sum.

That sum, by the way, is taken every 4 weeks (minimum term) via PayPal, which you can process online and pay for using your Visa Debit/Credit Card - all the usual PayPal methods.

You can either submit the Recommendation (Review) with the payment or pay first and I will edit the review to make it sparkle and fit in with FeckTV.com style.

Of course. being a global site, our audience will not just be from the UK.  French, Polish, Irish, Russian and even Germans have been known to visit the UK.  FeckTV.com will be a global port of call for all travelling 20-35 year-olds in the near future. 

Okay - I think that just about sums up the first post.  Any questions, just e-mail me.  I'll be happy to answer them.  Take feckin' care of yourself, now, won't you?