What to expect on The Flying Feck

You may all be wondering what The Flying Feck is all about. Yep, so am I.  Nah, only joshin'!

Rather than develop more on the About Flying Feck page - that may give you a clue! - I'll share a selection of news articles that have gone before us on the main fecktv.com website under the England category.

[caption id="attachment_16" align="alignright" width="140"] The Flying Feck is about to take off![/caption]

As well as providing links to the blogs in situ, it will also give me the chance to experiment with BagTheWeb and the chain of topics allegedly available through that medium.

Like I said, this is a pure experiment into the world and power of blogging using curation techniques as the basis of sharing.  With a unique snippet relevant to each of the social media destinations (list below), this will help test the type of content that works on each social media, too.

The one I'm going to struggle with, I think, is the blogging platforms.  Whilst 140 characters or similar is just fine and dandy for facebook, twitter, google+, stumbleupon, delicious and pinterest, sharing to tumblr and wordpress is a whole new kettle of fish.

In order to attract and retain genuine followers on blogging platforms, the content has to be worthy of reading in its own rite to entice followers to click through to read the full article.  No, do you know what?  I've just had a thought.

I'm going to use the

line code beneath the social media snippet with a link to where each of the blogs live so that bloggers can read the full article on the blog platform of their choice.  Feckin' stupendous.  Yes, it may be a little long-winded but let's just see if it's worth the effort.  If not, I'll ditch it immediately if not sooner.

Wait a minute...no, I'm not.  WordPress is now in bed with Tumblr and you can publicise from one directly to the other.  Even better.  That's saved even more time.  How cool is that?  Just got to go set that up.  Hang on...

...Back again.  Done.  The Flying Feck and Love Feck In England are now talking to each other.  The dog's bollocks, or what?!?!

Okay - that's enough blue-skying for one day.  Here are the links where you can find The Flying Feck on the different social media, as intimated above.  For the time being, as facebook has placed a 30-day ban on the official jasondarrell@fecktv.com account, I'll point you to my personable fecktv/england fanpage and change it back in the new year when the ban is lifted: