Filthy rich King's revolutionary euphemism for 'give me a tax cut'

Justin King, in his ninth year of tenure as boss of Sainsburys, appears in The Independent twice today. With one eye on the Christmas/Seasonal wage bill, I guess, he's made (what I consider to be, at least) an out-of-character request to Number 11, Downing Street.

[caption id="attachment_4129" align="aligncenter" width="646"]Justin King, Sainsburys boss Justin King, Sainsburys boss
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Okay, let's play a little game; can you spot the cryptic connection between these two headlines, laid out here as they appeared in my stream today:

Sainsbury's to create 10,000 jobs
• Sainsbury's boss calls for cut in National Insurance contributions

Got it?  Hit me between the eyes, too.  If not, read on...

If King would have just come out and said: "George, old bean...I need to employ an extra 20k workers for Christmas. Oh, and a possible 10k full-time next year. How's about looking into the old National Insurance, hey, what, what?" - then that would have been fine.

Yes, they'd have been maligned for abusing the Old Boys network, for sure, but it's what we've come to expect.

But Justin King must think we're all doolally-fruitcake if we think his plea to the Chancellor is a genuine one to help out 'the health of the economy'.

Justin King? Stephen King's more believable!

I know it's stating the fecking obvious, but all Justin King wants is to cut his company's expenses. I know, no shit, Sherlock 'n' all that. But it has to be said.

This is what Sainsbury's King pin actually said:
Nothing does more for the health of the economy than having more people in jobs – it builds confidence, reduces the burden of unemployment on the state and increases retail expenditure.
It is up to the Government to decide the best way to achieve it, but one option could be a national insurance holiday on new jobs for twelve months."

What utter bollocks.

Now, I'm not against a holiday from N.I., per se. That 8-9% amounts to...hang on a bit...fingers and thumbs... FYI, I was born with eight arms like an octopus...who's also bad at maths, obviously.

So, yeah - that saving would surely buy me a few pints in Dublin at the Christmas party. So it's got to be good, right?

Justin King classes National Insurance a 'tax on jobs'

Whether George Osborne considers the proposal or not (with his eye on £10bn worth of welfare budget, I doubt it), I don't know how quickly Justin King expects the Chancellor to react. But the Sainsbury's boss made one thing pretty clear by announcing his 'stance' now. Again, there's little coincidence in the timing.

The Autumn statement is next month (I still can't get my head around that) and Justin King is getting twitchy-ring about employing the 20,000 seasonal workers for December and the January sales.

Furthermore, whilst profits have been superb this year for Sainsburys, considering the climate, in his plans for expansion, he wants to save a little bit more.

The greedy bastard.

I know it's biting my nose off to spite my face, but I hope he gets what he, 'king, deserves.