Victoria Beckham up for auction to raise Sandy fund

How do you fancy rubbing shoulders with the world's fashion elite and getting to meet "Posh Spice," Lady Victoria Beckham, herself?

[caption id="attachment_6106" align="aligncenter" width="646"]Victoria Beckham Elle Nov 2012 with pearl necklace Victoria Beckham in pearl necklace - was it from Golden Balls?
Elle sharealike 3.0[/caption]

Well it's a very real opportunity. Along with Vogue magazine and other fashionistas from the world's most expensive catwalks, Victoria Beckham is looking to raise over £100,000 for victims of America's biggest natural disaster this year, Hurricane Sandy.

To be fair, I'd be a bit scared of breaking Stick-toria in half, but according to the ladies Becks himself is a bit of alright so she must have something going for her.  Judging by the state of that pearl necklace she's sniffing in Elle's pic above, David's in for a night and a half after the game.

Win a week-long stay at a star's private house

All of the prizes are listed on charitybuzz.com and include week-long stays at some of the designers' private homes and exclusive VIP tickets to fashion events.

Victoria Beckham's prize, expected to raise over £12,500 on its own, gets you into her New York Fashion Week show and backstage to a 'meet and greet' afterwards.  At time of writing, the bid stands at $0, so get in there, my son!

I wonder if Kate Moss will be there? Get Kate and Victoria Beckham to stand at each end of a javelin and Becks could practice his penalty-taking between the two waifs before he winds up his L.A. Galaxy career in a couple of weeks' time.

Victoria Beckham may want to remain Stateside

Posh and Becks have taken to life in the U.S. with a grace that belies their busy lifestyles. Too often we see Hollywood kids left with nannies for weeks on end but David and Victoria Beckham, despite their individual careers, seem to make ideal partners and even better parents.  You have to admire them for that.

So where will they head off to now that he's hanging up the Herbalife t-shirt? I doubt very much whether there'll be a return to the posh part of Cheshire to take up permanent residence in a Beckingham Palace.

The rumours that they're heading down under have been quashed, too. For my money, New York looks the best bet if Posh gets her skeletal hands around David's golden balls.

You know, Becks can whip on one of his famous skirts and play mommy while Victoria Beckham goes out to work to be the man of the house. Mind you, there are many who'd swear Posh has worn the trousers in the Beckingham household for a long time already...