Charlie Sheen wipes away 40% of LiLo's tax bill

We used to have a Mr Sheen in the UK.  Its Hollywood namesake Charlie, like the furniture polish of old, seems to clear up ring-rimmed, tarnished old things with just one swipe.

[caption id="attachment_7465" align="aligncenter" width="646"]Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5 Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in Scary Movie 5
credit: Weinstein Company[/caption]

That's certainly the case following the filming of Scary Movie 5, in which Charlie Sheen has a bed scene with everyone's current favourite gossip target, Lindsay Lohan.  It would appear that whatever happened on set between the sheets has certainly had an effect off-screen, too.

According to all sources, LiLo is in hock to the IRS for almost a quarter of a million dollars, stretching back to 2009/2010.  Whilst her expected earnings are likely to be eight times that this year now that she's become employable again, it's not stopped her accepting a cheque from Charlie Sheen for $100,000 to get the IRS off her back, now.

Following her drunken escapades since splitting up with DJ lesbian lover Samantha Ronson, 'off her back' must seem a strange concept to her.  And poor, tortured Charlie Sheen may even be thinking that LiLo has shagged him silly the same way that the two prostitutes he bunked up with used to do in his infamous Tiger Blood days.  Therefore, the $100k he may think is for services rendered.  And who's to say it isn't?

Charlie Sheen's first offer to pay was refused by LiLo

Initially, the rumour mill has it that Lindsay turned down Charlie Sheen's original bail out offer during their 'bonding' process.  The two, who've both had their share of cohesive problems this last three years, would certainly make for Hollywood's strangest couple, she shagging women and he three-waying with two hookers being their most recent relationships. But it seems they did get close off-screen and LiLo poured her heart out to the 'Hot-Shots' star.  I'm sure he did.

For her part, the 'Liz and Dick' actress (oh, come on, please) seems to have bowed to IRS pressure and accepted Charlie Sheen's very generous offer.  The former Two-and-a-Half Men actor is certainly not short of a few bob.  As he quite openly admitted when queried about his lifestyle with the two prostitutes, who could he trust to love him?  He could afford it, so might as well pay for it without the emotional attachment.

However, last week sources close to TMZ, who broke the news of LiLo's taxing problem in the first instance, said that Lohan didn't refuse a second time around and paid the cheque straight in and down-sized her overdue 2009/2010 by more than 40%, thanks to Charlie Sheen's benevolence.