Mic Donet, Najwa and Anisa at London's JazzCafe - Tonight!

Event: A night of chilled soul with Mic Donet and guests

Location: JazzCafé, London

Date: Monday, 26th November

Artists: Mic Donet, Najwa and Anisa

Time: Doors open 7pm

Price: £9, in advance

Mic Donet's soulful voice, a smoother, creamier Michael Bolton it struck me as, has been regarded as one of the best on the circuit today.

Tonight, he plays London's JazzCafe, a venue integral in the super-successful career paths of many well-known recent stars, including Amy Winehouse and Adelle.

Mic Donet's music is mesmerising, haunting even. And it's an unusual fusion that has seen him line up with a variety of performers in his time as a pro artiste.

[youtube width="646" height="422"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NJlq653z9A[/youtube]

Carlos Santana wasn't backward in coming forward; the legendary Mexican guitarist soon had Mic Donet accompany him on tour with his band. The influence crops up in Mic's music, where rock undertones often creep in alongside a melodic soulful ballad producing a unique, rolling quality to his sound.

But don't just take my word for it - international praise and accolades are no stranger to Mic Donet. In 2006, he scooped the International Artist of the year and followed that in 2007 with the MTV 0.1 International Soul/R & B title in the Russian capital.

Travel has broadened Mic Donet's repertoire

The base American sound of smooth soul and "incredible vocal abilities, ranging from gentle hip-hop...deeply moving soul...to even operatic sublimity", (Die Süddeutsche Zeitung) impart influences drawn from his years on the road.

Mic Donet is a polished all-rounder and value alone for the entrance fee of £9. But the German singer/songwriter also offers two support acts of outstanding quality this evening.

Making the event a truly European affair, Mic's joined by French/Moroccan singer/songwriter Najwa. Having lived in London for five years, she has turned her university brushings with gospel and jazz into a life where music plays a very central role.

Whilst she has been the lead singer of several bands and appeared with a host of names in hip-hop, r&b, jazz and gospel, Najwa takes to the stage on her own to support Mic Donet and fellow support act, Anisa.

Anisa reminded me so much of Toni Braxton when I first heard her it was uncanny. And, she is equally as pleasing on the eye as the 'Unbreak my heart' soul singer.

To get a sample of Anisa beforehand - again, you'd pay £9 to listen to her all night long - you can catch a few of her songs on Anisa's official website.  Even if you can't make the show, enjoy Mic Donet's video above and the sample songs from Anisa and drop a comment here to let us know what you think.

It should be a great night and you never know, get a signed beermat or fag packet now and it could be worth a bob or two in years to come. Any footage you take of the event if you're lucky enough to get there, drop me a line.

If I can't fit it on here, I'll certainly post it onto the FeckTV.com/england Google+, facebook and Twitter pages so your name can be shared with our ever-growing following. Mic Donet's in my circles, so he may even want to thank you personally - you can't say fairer than that now, can yer?