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Do you have a pub, club, restaurant or hotel in the UK that you’d like to nominate for a featured spot on http://FeckTV.com, England?
If so, tell us about it, here. Here are just a few guidelines to...

The premise of this venture is quite simple.  FeckTV.com wants to put the places that matter - and I mean really matter to 20-35 year olds - on the map.

We aim to do this by featuring real reviews of pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and b&bs on our pages.  Ireland, where FeckTV.com launched last week - and had 30,000 views in its first week, no less - is ahead of us and already broken down into counties.

When the England page launches next week, it will be a national page, covering seven news topics.  As we zip along - and this will be rocket-ship fast - we'll start adding cities.  All of those cities will then feature on the national page to give the complete picture.

The site makes money by featuring a limited number of the above-listed establishments for each city - a snip at €20 per week - on its local news pages.

Then, when 20-35 year olds search our pages for their chosen destination for the night/weekend/week, the featured pub, club, restaurant or hotel is intuitively placed before them.

Unlike Good Pub Guides or Trip Advisors that host literally thousands of these places and reviews and are difficult to navigate on mobile and hand-held devices, we feature a tailored amount of genuine establishments, each with an in-depth review.

Everyone's a winner.

The establishment has a review it is willing to endorse, the jet-set 20-35 year olds get a verified review they can trust from likeminded partygoers and we get our tiny bit of ad revenue.  Like I say - it is so simple.  And cheap, it has to be said.

But before all this can happen, we need those reviews.

I'm far too feckin' old to do it now, but, in my youth, a gang of ten or twelve of us used to head out everywhere in search of totty (male and female - it was a mixed bag) every weekend.

If there was a town off the M6 that had a pub, club or wine bar, we probably stopped in for one in the late 80s to mid-90s.  And had a drink or two, too.  Mm, tutu...suits you.

What we could have done with was a map telling us where all of the hot-spots were.  Given that Jeff Young's Big Beat on Friday night Radio One was the closest we got to a clubbing community, it's amazing we got to see as many places as we did.

I'm now in a position to compile that map for today's 20-35-year olds in my new role as English Content Manager for aforementioned start-up online TV, news, article and travel channel http://fecktv.com.

To do that, I need your help to compile the reviews.  I'll then offer your review to the establishment you rave about and, if they like it, they may want to cough up €20 per week to have their premises and your review (so you'll be forever a part of the map, yourself) featured on our pages.

Through the link below is a guest post input panel on a site I've created solely for the purpose of collecting reviews, Love Feck In England.  There are guidelines to help you out if you're unsure of whether you can write a good review or not. It genuinely is a piece of piss.

Each post will be edited before being presented to the establishment so that it meets with current Internet publication best practises.  Any spelling or grammatical mistakes will be wiped and you'll look like a smart-arse.  Cool, huh?

Anyway, even if you do get stuck, there's also an 'ANY FECKIN' QUESTIONS?' page link across the top of the site that you can use to shoot me your query.

The bonus is, even if the establishment turns the review down, I can still publish your review on the Love Feck In England site rather than the main FeckTV.com site.  Because it's mine.  If the establishment starts getting traffic from this in time, the proprietors may well choose to promote their business on FeckTV.com, too.

You never know, you may even get a free packet of crisps from your landlord, poppadum from your restaurateur or shower cap from your hotelier by way of thank you next time you visit their establishment.  Can't say fairer than that, can we?

You will have to enter your e-mail address when submitting the review - that's just to ensure you're a real person and that if we need to verify the review, we can.  We will also send you the link to the page if your review gets published on FeckTV.com, and certainly will when it's up on Love Feck In England.  But that's all.

Love Feck In England is neither a sales site nor marketing platform, purely a medium to collect pub, restaurant and hotel reviews.

Okay - I think that's enough said for one night.

Have a great weekend, happy drinking and shagging (you jammy swine); hope to hear from you very soon.

All the very best,

Jason Darrell,

National Content Manager, FeckTV.com, England.

Skype: zebedeerox / jasondarrell@facktv.com

p.s. follow me if you're interested in hearing about the upcoming opportunities for writers for the cities once the national page is embedded.  If you'd like to give the writing a go, you can always submit a sample, now. Drop me a line to the fecktv.com e-mail address above.

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