Entrepreneurship needs support to save UK job market

In yesterday's business article we revealed that Justin King, current CEO of Sainsburys and serial entrepreneur in his own right, is looking to employ 10,000 more staff in 2013 and a staggering 20,000 over this Christmas and New Years.

Results gleaned from Global Entrepreneur Week reveal that he may well have a job on his hands (no pun intended) if he's scouring the upcoming teenage market to fill those positions, certainly the long term ones.

A survey of almost 18,000 school leavers and teenagers in further education (16-19) conducted by Amway suggests that 9 out of 10 respondents who expressed a preference believed entrepreneurship was the most valuable tool Britain has for fathoming a way out of the economical troubles it finds itself.

Entrepreneurship the way forward for UK students

And that's not simply the outlook of pipe-dreaming adolescents. University graduates are almost as emphatically certain that unprecedented self-employment will be a dominating aspect of the UK workforce in the near future.

Those who have been there and done it, however, feel that the British Government is simply not equipping this generation of would-be UK entrepreneurs with the tools it needs to realise those ambitions.

Shed Simove, ideas man and entrepreneur of much repute himself, cannot see 'enterprise' on UK education curricula anywhere, a certain barrier to future self-sufficient success in his opinion.

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And this guy knows an opportunity when he sees one. Not only did he invent the Flying Fuck as per the video above, he had 300 special edition coins made of himself in America, his face one side, arse the other, and is selling them on his website - now that's coining it in.

Sorry - I don't know where these God-awful puns coming from tonight.

Politicians not taking research into success stories seriously

Despite there being a plethora of white papers detailing how entrepreneurs have made it and the secrets of their success, Simove accuses politicians of not giving those reports the priority and importance they deserve.

According to the Amway report, the role of the entrepreneur is no longer craved by the male of the species alone. Almost three quarters of women surveyed believe in their own talent and aptitude enough to carve a niche in the business world.

What's more, women have the edge of being less afraid of failure than their male counterparts, a key aspect in achieving entrepreneurial success.

If we're all cocked and ready to go (no, don't say it) (I think you just did - ed) then we need the Government to take the initiative and restore national pride at a time when there is so very little.

Our future is in our own hands; we just need Parliament to put the tools into them to dig us out of this mess.