Led Zeppelin 'Celebration Day' O2 gig airing on BB2

In true Fred Flinstone meets Michelle Dubois of Le Resistonce fashion, I will say this only once: "Hold it!" Led Zeppelin Celebration Day is being shown on terrestrial TV!

Whatever you're doing on December the 8th, cancel it. Or at least remember to set your SKY+ to record a concert that less than 0.001% of the people who applied for a ticket got to see.

Arguably the best Rock band - if not the band - of all time, Led Zeppelin, have granted permission for the concert to be aired on BBC2 as well as releasing the iconic Celebration Day show on CD and DVD last week.

If it wasn't for the hugely anticipated 'Unapologetic' album from Rihanna, the star's seventh in seven years, Led Zeppelin would have entered the album charts at number one. For a band disbanded as long as they've been, that just goes to show the global following they have.

For the twenty million people who applied for tickets for the gig at London's O2 Arena five years ago, this has been a long time coming. For the lucky 18,000 who got to see the legendary West Midlands band's first headline performance in almost three decades back in 2007, it will surely invoke memories of what must have been an awesome night of music.

The BBC2 show, which starts at 10:45pm, only shows half of the two-hour set that Led Zeppelin played. In all, the band rattled out sixteen of their tracks, the majority from either Led Zeppelin II or Led Zeppelin IV, in my opinion, their best two albums (wait for the comments, there).

Jason Bonham takes John's place to complete the Led Zeppelin line-up

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones from the original line up were joined for the night on drums by the late John Bonham's son, Jason Bonham. Jason himself has strong West Midlands roots and plays in two bands, both centred around Led Zeppelin.

The Led Zeppelin Experience, as you'd guess a cover band, has been working on a new album with the likes of Slash, Robert Plant, Jeff Beck and Paul Rodgers. They're diversifying from simply covering Led Zeppelin tracks and taking their own tracks on the road.

Jason also has plans to hit the road with his other band, The Black Country Communion. Again, this supergroup has a classic rock line-up, including Glenn Hughes, formerly of Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, Jason himself and making up the quartet, Derek Sherinian of Dream Theater.

We may not get to see Led Zeppelin again, but as Jason told NME, the new album is likely to "be kind of Zeppelin-esque because of the way the guys play – but there's nothing wrong with that." Couldn't agree with you more sir.